July 9, 2019

Unique Norms for the Ultimate Uniforms

In our last blog, we came to a conclusion on the question – Do we really need uniforms? It was and is proven that uniforms are essential. But every essential has some essential characteristics, isn’t it? After centuries of Solapur leading the textile, garment and uniforms industry, our manufacturers unanimously reached 5 essentials that make the perfect uniforms. We call it the “Unique Norms for the Ultimate Uniforms” checklist. Here […]
April 12, 2019

Are uniforms really necessary?

Almost every school and institute has uniforms. And now, many factories, industries, companies, and other organizations too are making it a point to have uniforms for their employees and members. There are certain advantages of having uniforms, which is why you’ll spot almost every employee or member in the uniform of their employing company or institute.  So if you’re wondering whether or not to have uniforms for your employees or members, […]